Is richard armitage dating anyone

Why can Armitage and Pace not be as brave and honest as Matt Bomer come out of the closet?

Pace at least joined some official events with Smith before, now he is of course deeper and deeper in the closet.

Stating the obvious here but you do know that it's a two men relationship? So they are on and off, but they still stay together, they love each other. They made it like this, maybe that is what Pace and Armitage want, people have been behind their asses all the time, they feel that they have no private life.

Now people think they broke up, so no one keeps eyes on them any more, they can enjoy their long term honey moon.

They spend a lot of time with each other, she was with his family at Thanksgiving Day and sleeps at his farm. She could be just a very close friend but the break up is real.[quote] Who TF is Richard Armitage and why do we care?

It's nearly impossible to ever know the answer to the first question.

He also appears to be pretty happy in the spotlight, however modest it is. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

And they didn't pay for stage doors, they paid for the play.

What he said in that interview is true, most fangirls nowadays seem to care more about autogramms and selfies than the play itself, which is sad, really sad.r139 have you been following along or nah?

Armitage is never brave enough to say sth or do sth.[quote]Why can Armitage and Pace not be as brave and honest as Matt Bomer come out of the closet?

This is the same Matt Bomer that ordered a baby and pretended he wasn't the father so he could spend a few more years professionally closeted, right? Their youngest children (including his own) were four when Bomer came out, and IIRC he didn't even acknowledge he wasn't even legally married until two years after he came out.

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