Intj and intp dating

I think it will be prudent for you to take an interest in her interests.

My ex loved receiving gifts, so I'd buy her boots and rings, perfume and makeup.

MBTI is just a guideline to further understand yourself and other people, but we're not so cookie-cuttered humans. If everything is going good right now, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

This a great time to go with the flow and to be more in the moment instead of controlling the outcome.

My ex was trendy, somewhat shallow, and while she wasn't emotional on the surface, her love was on fire and deliberate.

No one has helped me more with practical matters than my ESTJ dad, who I love so much. He helped me install a door in a cinderblock wall and install attic stairs in my ceiling. And, when he washes off the grime and dirt of our projects, he goes back to being an executive vice president.

He's been a great father and leader in his workplace. He's brilliant, multi-talented, and we connect intellectually.

Dating us will not only make you smarter, it will make you more powerful. So we might not be able to realize your emotional needs outright.

We are always coming up with new ideas, so we will always have exciting things to talk about and do. We are like walking encyclopedias, and of course, knowledge is power. We can be detached and unavailable emotionally, and lost in our own private world.

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The happier couples I've seen and known include an INTP/INFP, INTJ/INFP, INTJ/INTJ, and ISFP/INTP, none of which are on the MBTI List of Compatible People.

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