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While it is not as famous as the saying "War Eagle," it means a lot to the fans of the Tigers.There are T-shirts, billboards and even a Twitter handle, all urging people to "Choose Auburn."This is the most well-known of all the Harvard fight songs and was written nearly 100 years ago.In 1969, during his first season at Michigan, head coach Bo Schembechler had a sign placed in the locker room that said, "Those Who Stay Will Be Champions."This phrase has continued to ring true at Michigan and is not only motivational, but is something that the players and the fans of the university live by.

The idea was that even at practice, the players would act like winners every single day.Not many teams have the storied tradition that the Notre Dame football program does, and their saying "We are Notre Dame" is one of the most well known in South Bend.While it does not say much, it is really all that needs to be said by these fans and the program.Orange Power is a chant the fans in Stillwater love to use during the game.It has grown so popular here that there are websites dedicated to it and also T-shirts that have been made detailing Orange Power.

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The lyrics are meant to taunt the losing team, and while they are quite controversial for lacking sportsmanship, it is a Crimson Tide favorite. "This motivational phrase came about in 2006 as Rutgers climbed the national rankings.

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