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Some characters were to get special lines, and a few NPCs would spawn with specific post-game dialogue - but Avellone said the main intention was to allow "players [to] keep wandering the wasteland, explore the 'dungeons' and fight random encounters".Similar to Obsidian's plans for the post-game, Kazopert's mod spawns NPCs in new areas - such as Brotherhood of Steel Paladins helping the NCR to patrol the roads.Adding further complexity wasn't going to help matters, and despite plans being in place for post-game additions, not much work had actually gone into making the content.In some areas, in fact, no work had been done at all.

Most recently, a modder named Kazopert went above and beyond by creating the "Functional Post Game Ending" mod, which introduces additional NPCs, decorations, adds in the cut lines and removes others so the dialogue is compatible with each ending.

To Avellone's knowledge, nothing was planned "beyond reactive barks and a few potential NPC spawns in places to account for whichever faction was in charge of a certain area.

"Most of the focus was on 'how can we make this work after Hoover Dam' which wasn't an easy question to answer in each instance, especially with the existing amount of bugs (particularly optimisation issues) and the fact that lack of reactivity in faction-controlled territories required a good investment of work to make them feel minimally correct," he added.

Companions like Boone will vanish if the end slides detail their departure.

This also means those theories about special post-game quests - inspired by the discovery of mysterious quest files such as 'Viva Las Vegas' - are sadly incorrect.

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Post-game content was part of Obsidian's original plan for Fallout New Vegas, and had to be cut mid-development due to time constraints.

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