Intimidating colours

It’s often used in romantic presents, like Valentine’s Day, and to express love, for example, by giving red roses.

Variations of Red Its variations include colors such as scarlet, crimson and others. Darker colors, like maroon or burgundy represent an action that is more restrained and sophisticated.

I distinctly remember Formula 1 racing drivers that competed against Senna saying how the mere sight of his distinctive yellow helmet in the rear view mirrors could scare them into a mistake.

Please note that while the terms above illustrate how black has historically been used in language, equating black to negativity is outmoded and using these terms could be hurtful.Black is authoritative and powerful; because black can evoke strong emotions, too much can be overwhelming.Black represents a lack of color, the primordial void, emptiness.It’s a very basic and important color, but it’s one that needs to be used with moderation.There are different shades of red that can all represent different feelings as well.

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For example, waitresses in red usually get higher tips than those wearing a differently colored uniform.

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