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* Joint custody should always be based on what is best for the child.If both the parents get along, there is no domestic violence or other form… The best parent or maybe both paremts should have custody.This is something you must discuss with your aunt and uncle. Unless your mother is proven to have abused you in any manner and still chooses to have you stay with her, there is nothing you can do. The legal age to move out of your house with parental consent is 17 still your parents can make you come back home any time they want until your 18.Legally your parents cant make you leave your house if you don't want to until your 18.Judges are concerned with the welfare of the child above everything else. Is it that you want to be emancipated from one parent so that you can live with the other?If that's the case, then it's not an emancipation issue, it's a custody issue between the parents. If they're not willing to do that then this relative can request that the court award them custody of you.

Some state laws might look at the age difference or consider a sexual act with a minor as criminal. In most states, it is felony for underage sex as 16 is considered to be a minor.Who is to say that one parent is better than the other with out prove of child abuse.During custody battles, the parents are so wrapped up in themselves that the children are not actually considered.You probably want to talk to your parents about something like this anyways!!If your aunt and uncle really want you to live there because your mother is an "unfit mother" then they must go to court to fight for total custody of you.

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I'm in the same situation, and the police basically told my father that they couldn't do anything about it. I think in most states you would need parnetal consent. Call the local court house or family lawyer that gives free phone consultations.

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