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Too bad we had to put our fun on hold for a while to feed the baby and put her to bed.We broke our kiss and she says, "I just fed the baby, so we should go eat now while she's asleep." "Ok let me just go upstairs and change." She follows me upstairs and into our bedroom. By now my cock was absolutely throbbing, ready to burst. Here was my sexy wife, giving me a hand job with one hand, and playing with her tit with the other. We looked at each other and both knew what was coming. I quickly stripped myself, my cock standing at full attention.We immediately start kissing again, and this time my hand goes right up under her shirt and I start massaging her breast. I knelt on the floor along side the couch and kisses her hard. Started at her hips, down over her curvy ass, around over lovely thighs, and up under her shirt and grabbed her breast. In seconds, there was a beautifully, sexy, naked and extremely horny woman on the couch in front of me. I massaged one, while sucking and nibbling the other. Down between her legs, up her thigh until reaching her already moist pussy. She reached right for it, wrapped her hand around it and started stroking me.It had been so long since I had seen her so horny, so eager to blow me, I wanted this to last as long as possible. She continued to pump my cock, determined to get the prize she so desired.Sensing that I was close to cumming, she returned to furiously stroking my cock. After all that had happened that night, it didn't take me long. With both hands, she eagerly rubbed my cock lotion all over her breasts, her stomach, her nipples, anywhere she could touch herself.

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"Baby I will rub you anywhere you want." No response for a few minutes, until I received another picture.

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