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K-pop experts said the Jang story is indicative of the control that Korean entertainment companies cast over the lives of employees, even those who've found success, micromanaging their weight and plastic surgery for their faces and even controlling whether they can date, lest their fans get upset.

The nightclub scandal and emergence of the chat room messages seems to have been a breaking point for many Korean women who have also been dealing with , crying, "My life is not your porn."There were more than 6,000 cases of secret videotaping reported in the country in 2017, the BBC reported.

The phenomenon has been around for at least six years, but only recently started gaining widespread attention on Chinese social media.

According to China’s , virtually every college now has its own ‘praise group.’But the praise does not always come for free.

The names were never released, leaving many South Korean citizens suspecting a cover-up and clamoring for the release of "Jang's List," the Korea Times reported.

A petition calling for a new investigation of the actress's case has gathered more than 600,000 signatures, the news outlet said.

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