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A less attractive aspect of the book is a mini-catalog of influences that Rand has had in gay culture.For Rand at least, and maybe for some of the rest of us, too, much of this list would constitute a “Horror File”: there’s gay porn star “Jon Galt” and Robert Rodi, author of such novels as Fag Hag.

He then examines the positive impact her writings have had on many people who have traditionally felt oppressed by various religious traditions and social taboos — particularly among America’s so-called “Queer Culture,” where Rand’s influence has been surprisingly broad.It aims to provide a meeting place for gay and lesbian Objectivists and to promote a positive image of homosexuality in the movement.One fascinating chapter of the book deals with homophilic relations between Rand’s male characters (Roark and Wynand in The Fountainhead, Rearden and Francisco in Atlas Shrugged).But if you’re looking for that defense here, you’re looking in the wrong book.This book is sociology, not philosophy or psychology.

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