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This song became one of the most popular dance songs of the late 90's, and is still considered a classic in the UK dance scene. smash, and the recording of her debut album Transient, Gaelle concentrated on producing and remixing with her partner Eric Stamile.From that point Gaelle decided to start her production company, Speakeasy Music. By the time she moved to Atlanta at the age of 18, the aspiring singer had already written dozens of songs, and at the insistence of a close friend, was asked to perform vocals on some house music tracks that were being recorded by the then-unknown producer Chris Brann.The pair hit it off immediately, and Gaelle launched the beginning of her recording career.~Eva Gaëlle Green (French actress) played the fictional character of 'Vesper Lynd' in the Bond movie "Quantum of Solace".~Gaëlle Adisson (American musician) is an Urban, deep house, and downtempo singer/songwriter/producer born in New Jersey.Singer/songwriter Gaelle Adisson started her life in music at an early age.Influenced by a mixture of her African-American childhood community and her parents' Haitian identity, Gaelle found herself writing music in her teens that was a cultural hybrid.

Accompanying the group's sensual soul and vibronic R&B are Heather Johnson, Justin Chapman, and Terrance Downs.Multi-instrumentalist and dance guru Chris Brann, who is the mastermind behind other garage/house tasks such as the Wamdue Project, Wamdue Kidz, and P'Taah, spawned another house-bred project in the late '90s, aptly titled the Ananda Project.The Ananda Project was originally a side thing until Brann was sought out to write a song for the dance label King Street.please ask for the B1 sound before ordering, my copy has noises due a pressing or mastering copy is the re-cutted version and says on the runout groove "3431 - NMN 1032 - I (B) RE-2 - S - 55914 RE 2" Only the original version is good, the other three remixes suck (even Blue Six remix).

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