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These women were gorgeous and didn’t mind letting me know.At first I was a little leery of seeing so many hot women.I look clean, decent and professional and it worked almost immediately.I started getting messages before I started sending them out.I started out with genuine compliments about each of the hot chicks I saw and opened the conversation. When the day of the hook-up comes, spit game until I get what I want.It’s not the same thing as dating websites where you have to send ENDLESS messages before arranging a date. The best part about this site is that I don’t really have to spit a lot of game to these women because they want what I want.

There are so many things that I can say about Fuckbook.net, and many people have posed the question “is Fuckbook legit” – so I decided to really spend a lot of time on this fuckbook review.My experience with the site has been amazing so far.Beautiful women that aren’t afraid of having good, hot sweaty sex (I call it Fuckbook sex) and don’t mind taking control when they need to. I actually laid out the steps below to show you how easy it was.With the right combination of a smooth introduction, a little banter and a date to meet, good sex was a guarantee for me.I don’t’ know what the hell the other men are doing on this site but if they aren’t getting any it’s because they are completely lame. Me with a chick that shall remain faceless and all that.

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