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See more » When Rachel says, "Mister Waltham, I need to speak to you," he says, "In a moment, I'm in the middle of a task," and is holding two suit jackets in one hand.When the camera cuts to another angle, he has them in both hands.

After her former department at Bloomingdales was abolished, Rachel gets a new job: personal shopper for big spending clients; one of them, Joshua Bergen, really appeals to her, so she lures him back after hours with his 'lost' wallet, but even Joeys misunderstood suggestion to offer him Knicks tickets doesn't quite work out.

That said, things were probably not that awkward between the two — in fact, they’ve managed to stay friends for many years and worked together several times after .

In 2012, the exes starred as a couple in Wanderlust and were asked whether or not it was weird to kiss on screen. I’ve kissed him for years,” and Rudd followed up with “we’ve made out for decades.” Brad Pitt’s appearance on was one hilarious plot twist.

character, Rachel Green have a lot in common — and we’re not just talking about their sense of style.

The two women have had quite the dating history and even dated some of the same men (sort of). After landing a job at Bloomingdale’s, Rachel falls for her client Joshua, played by Tate Donovan.

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