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In the past, a woman had to save herself for marriage and then stick with one man for life. Today’s women can have sex with whoever they want and settle down into a relationship whenever they feel like it.Most guys are still talking to women as though they’d never be open to having sex right away because they are using an outdated approach.If you want to be successful with women in today’s world, you’ve got to realize that one night stands happen all the time.Women are open to having sex with you, but don’t expect them to make it obvious.“Nearly 25 percent of college students are still virgins. Visit Dating for more research on dating and relationship topics. Wendy Walsh is a frequent contributor on CNN and other major networks and is the author of the new book “The 30-Day Love Detox.” Photo source: uk.That takes a big chunk out of the demographic,” she said. They might say, In the real world, most women don’t want to give you the impression that they will have sex with you so easily. Although she wants sex just as much as you, she also wants to show you that she’s not an “easy lay” and that if you get into a relationship with her, you will be able to trust her not to cheat on you.

Among the most likely groups to have participated in a one-night stand are divorcees, who were 34 percent more likely than their married counterparts to say they’ve had a one-nighter. Wendy Walsh, clinical psychologist and Dating expert, said a cultural acceptance of men’s sexual behaviors and a discrimination toward women’s often means there is a significant difference between the sexual activities men and women admit to engaging in.

Urban Dictionary, the go-to source for slang and pop culture terms, defines a one-night stand as: “Hooking up with someone for one night of sex with no strings attached and hoping to never see them again.” Sounds like quite a night.

And it looks like quite a few Americans have participated in a night of one-time passion.

If you want to have sex with women on the first night that you meet them, don’t go around thinking that sex is a big deal and that you’re attempting to do something “bad” or “wrong.” Sex on the first night is normal, natural and happens millions of times every night, all over the world.

To pull one night stands, start looking at sex as the expected outcome of you and a woman feeling mutual attraction for each other.

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