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Although Canada's sex offender registries have one of the highest compliance of any registry in the world (c.97%), in 2007, the Ontario Auditor General observed, “there is little evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of registries [The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada recommended, in 2010, a formal evaluation of the effectiveness of the legislation and the Registry by an independent third party.Without a doubt there are high-risk offenders, including some who have offended sexually, who should never be released back into the community.

According to Department of Justice studies and professor David Finkelhor, director of the Crimes against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, sex offenders have a lower recidivism (re-offense) rate than people convicted of other crimes (the idea that sex offenders can’t be cured, or often commit further sex offenses, is a common myth).Inclusion will not be based solely on the nature of the offense, regardless of the factual circumstances, regardless of severity or risk of re-offense, nor will it differentiate between violent or nonviolent offenses.Here are examples of some of the individuals that will automatically be added to the registry: Would it surprise you to hear that politicians are aware that the Canadian sex offender registry is ineffective; that online registries have resulted in the murder of former offenders; that they have reduced compliance rates and have likely increased recidivism? Hudak proposes that the information contained in the Ontario sex offender registry be made public and accessible online; a situation which may actually undermine community safety.This may be the most important finding of this study as this finding is contrary to some strongly held beliefs.After 15 years, 73% of sexual offenders had not been charged with, or convicted of, another sexual offence.

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