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Nikita Khrushchev was appointed the head of the Ukrainian Communist Party in 1938.

After Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland in September 1939, the Ukrainian SSR's territory expanded westward. During World War II the Ukrainian Insurgent Army fought for Ukrainian independence against both Germany and the Soviet Union.

Through the West Siberian Glacial Lake flowed about 10,000 km; The Copper Age people of the Cucuteni-Trypillian Culture resided in the western part, and the Sredny Stog Culture further east, succeeded by the early Bronze Age Yamna ("Kurgan") culture of the steppes, and by the Catacomb culture in the 3rd millennium BC.

During the Iron Age, these were followed by the Dacians as well as nomadic peoples like the Cimmerians (archaeological Novocherkassk culture), Scythians and Sarmatians. Along with ancient Greek colonies founded in the 6th century BC on the northeastern shore of the Black Sea, the colonies of Tyras, Olbia, Hermonassa, continued as Roman and Byzantine cities until the 6th century.

This decision resulted in mass protests by pro-Europeans – events which became known as the "Euromaidan".

After months of such protests, the protesters ousted Yanukovych on 22 February 2014.

The Ukrainian crisis also very negatively influenced the Ukrainian economy.Ukraine became independent again when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991.This started a period of transition to a market economy, in which Ukraine suffered an eight-year recession.Nevertheless, political repressions against poets, historians and other intellectuals continued, as in all other parts of the USSR.In 1954 the republic expanded to the south with the transfer of the Crimea.

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Initial Soviet policy on Ukrainian language and Ukrainian culture made Ukrainian the official language of administration and schools. In 19, millions of people, mostly peasants, in Ukraine starved to death in a devastating famine, known as Holodomor.

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