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Pros: The captain salary enables you to have a good life.Some of the perks your salary are tax-free, which increases your net salary significantly. Even “Pay to fly models” exist where pilots have to pay the airline to fly.This profession is highly specialized you can only fly aircraft and you are type rated on one special aircraft. You can enjoy the good reputation of being a pilot and you get paid to fly. A good availability of pilots on the market causes that working conditions and salary to drop.Especially as copilot, the current time is not easy.Recently they wanted to see my turmeric powder in my food bag. In front of the security staff, I had to taste the spice to proof this it is not an explosive. After I graduated high school I started right away preparing for the assessment to become a flight student for Lufthansa. Pros: You have the time of your life with lots of studying and flying.

But let’s start with the aspect which annoys me the most of being a pilot. As a private jet pilot, I had the privilege to skip security controls at many destinations.I am trying to study business administration alongside with the job and my social media, but currently, there is no time left for that. The pros are vastly superior otherwise I would not continue to fly. Please subscribe to my newsletter with your email below and become an Aviator on my You Tube channel as well. After flying a business jet, I am now type rated on the Airbus A300.As a pilot, I am experiencing so many of awe-inspiring moments that I am left with no choice but to fly! Since September 2016 I have been blogging about my pilot life and my healthy life style.In the meantime, I earn as much as a captain does at my last employer.I paid back my costs for my type rating and I don’t have any debts.

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