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Facebook will then ask you if you know this person outside of Facebook, and you should say "no." That way, they won't have a chance to friend you again.If there is a good reason why a complete stranger is sending you a friend request (such as, you're mildly famous or have a job where you regularly interact with strangers on the Web), then you might consider it.) step to take her number right away/suggest we meet again, which I didn’t do. (Aside: It’s hard to reconcile being proud of taking little steps while still being disappointed in oneself for not being perfect)My dilemma is this: should I contact her online, offering we meet again, or should I wait a month to (possibly) talk to her again?On one hand, I want to strike the iron while it’s hot and act with urgency but I don’t want to make her feel stalked; and on the other, I prefer the engagement of face-to-face but a lot of things can happen and pass in one month, and the logistics of talking to her again could be difficult.Look at their friendship as the equivalent of going back a few steps into the past. It's one thing to encourage a work friendship, and another entirely to show them your life in a public way, as you would if they were on Facebook.You should try to get on friendly terms with your coworkers if you can to help with overall job satisfaction and work environment, but be cautious before sending that Facebook friend request.

Now I didn’t want to bother her as her friends were interrupting, and it was another (scary!

Here’s a quick rundown of social media etiquette: certain platforms have different expectations of intimacy.

Twitter, for example is an open platform; it’s generally expected that you’re tweeting out to the general public.

In an awkward metaphor, it’s somewhere between standing on a soapbox and having a conversation with people out on the street.

Some people prefer private accounts and interact with mutual or approved followers, but for the most part there’s a low expectation of privacy and intimacy.

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