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Most white Ecuadorians are of colonial-era Spanish origin, also known as criollos (literally meaning "local-born Spaniards", as opposed to "Peninsulares", which were Spaniards born in the Iberian Peninsula in Spain.There are also descendants of immigrants from Italy, Germany, and France, as well as other countries.The 19th century usage of mestizo was to denote a person whose parents were an Indian and a white; a cholo had one Indian and one mestizo parent.By the 20th century, mestizo and cholo were frequently used interchangeably.

The current census now includes household information. Literacy Due to the prevalence of malaria and yellow fever in the coastal region until the end of the 19th century, the Ecuadorian population was most heavily concentrated in the highlands and valleys of the "Sierra" region.The third most numerous group are the indigenous Amerindians, who account for approximately 7% of the population.Afro-Ecuadorians make up most of the balance of the percentage and include mulattos (mixed European and sub-Saharan African) and zambos (mixed indigenous and sub-Saharan African).This boom of the petroleum industry has led to a mushrooming of the town of Lago Agrio (Nueva Loja) as well as substantial deforestation and pollution of wetlands and lakes.There are five major ethnic groups in Ecuador: mestizo, white, Afroecuadorian, Amerindian, and Montubio.

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The following table shows the dates the most recent censuses were made, and the total population number: the total population was 16,385,068 in 2016, compared to only 3,470,000 in 1950. Chachi – 3,450 Esmeraldas Province, Cayapas River system. Colorado – 2,300 Santo Domingo de los Colorados province. Quechua – 9 separate dialects are spoken in as many areas in the country with a combined population of 1'460,000. The "Oriente" region, consisting of Amazonian lowlands to the East of the Andes and covering about half the country's land area, remains sparsely populated and contains only about 3% of the country's population, that for the most are indigenous peoples who maintain a wary distance from the recent mestizo and white settlers.

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