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A sub loves to see his date dress down the waiter for any perceived misdeed. The more demanding she is, the more he'll apologize and appease, loving every minute of it.

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Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada *****************************************************************The image was taken with a Sony SLT-A57 & Sony DT 18-55mm.

*****************************************************************Follow me on my page: Milovanovic Photography ********************************************************************* De todos os meios de expressão, a fotografia é o único que fixa para sempre o instante preciso e transitório.

112] ~~~~~~ An 1840s daguerreotype of an older pair holding what appear to be paper documents of some sort.

Their clothing also reflects the fashions of the earlier part of that decade, possibly indicating a pre-1845 date for this image.

These guys have major female-first manners and put extra emphasis on deference toward women. Many subs make florid demonstrations of opening doors and pulling out chairs for their ladies. These guys are aroused by being teased, humiliated, degraded, punished and controlled.

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They seek strong, authoritative, and even sadistic women (called dommes) who can dish out what they crave.

Although pro-dommes are well-paid, women called lifestyle dommes choose to dominate men without compensation as a way of life.

Is he pleased because she's not relying on him to lead?

When a female complains about the service or asserts herself in public, is he overly impressed by her behavior? To him, they're practically power and female dominance incarnate.

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Submissive men have a fetishistic reverence for super-successful females.

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