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It doesn’t interest me at all.” David, who gave up alcohol after years of boozing, says Ireland’s pub culture also puts him off meeting people.

Match.com, which claims to be the first dating site, started in 1995."There's no perfect way to meet someone, but you have to let yourself be open and vulnerable — go to an event without cowering in a circle — it's getting back to the basics of personal interaction without being able to hide behind a computer or phone."Slotnick herself runs an online-based dating service — Matchmaker Cafe, an app that works through Facebook — but once participants express interest in each other based on a brief profile, one of Slotnick's employees immediately contacts the pair to set up a date.There's no back-and-forth messaging."Our goal is to get people to meet," Slotnick said.You just drink a lot of alcohol and then fall on top of each other.Whereas, I think what is quite exciting is being able to be sober, getting to know someone and get to actually really like someone.

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"The expectation is just a 20-minute coffee or drink, just to figure out if you have that chemistry that you obviously can't feel through a profile."And as apps like Tinder are changing up the virtual meeting landscape, longtime online dating sites are beefing up their get-offline-and-meet efforts.

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