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Since then, he has driven their coed group of friends around town to movies and such on occasion for some months now.This whole time, Ive been constantly asking why is a 25 year old guy ok with hanging out with a group of 17-18 year olds? But Daughter said that Guy doesnt drink and all his friends do, and he doesnt like to hang out with a bunch of drunk people. By now, Ive met Guy a few times and he actually seems like a nice person. Her dad and I (We are divorced, but try to keep a united front in the raising of the kids) found out they have been dating for a while and are possibly having sex.) starts talking to a girl in college who, he realizes, "doesn't know what is." For your date with an older gent: as cool as it is, not everyone needs to know that you were part of an NSYNC fan club (cough cough). But, seriously, if they ever do a reunion tour J is SO coming with me. Do you have any tips for dating someone older than you? Tell the (female preferably) doctor that she is probably/definitely (depending on what she admits to) sexually active, and your daughter can be in the exam without you.

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Maybe STI testing if she hasn't been practicing safe sex every time, all the time.

Well, first I would say that when you talk to her, try to make sure you express yourself in a way that is about how you feel - rather than what she should do.

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If I were in your shoes, I would get your daughter on birth control TONIGHT, as in RIGHT NOW, meaning grab her by the hand and walk out the door IMMEDIATELY, before you finish reading any more of my mindless drivel..... Age of consent might be lower than 18 in the state in question.

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I've been a lurker here for some time, and I've seen some great advice given out. I found out that my 17 (18 in 6 months) year old daughter is dating a 25 year old guy that she had previously only been friends with, and Im not sure how to handle this.

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