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If you think your food or drink has been tampered with then don't consume it.Make sure you have a fully charged phone with enough minutes.However, the amount of members is too large, we cannot ensure the authenticity of all members' profiles, so we have to seriously remind all members of enhancing protection awareness, in case of being cheated.

It's also very hard to pretend you are 6'2" when you are really 5'6"!Be wary of anyone who declares undying love for you too readily.When you meet for those first few dates, choose a neutral public location that is easily accessible to you both and is within view and hearing distance of other people.Post a photo, but make sure you cannot identify your family, friends, home or car in it. Don't give up any personal information too soon or post personal information without knowing exactly who you are giving it to. Use a site like ours that hides your email address and your contact information. There is no reason why you should ever disclose any financial information online.Don't be lured by requests for financial help, if someone asks you for money even if you have built up a trusting rapport with them, they are almost certainly a scammer.

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