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According to psychologist Nicole Martinez, one of the clear signs that your partner might be too needy is if they blow your phone up all the time.Moreover, if they don’t want to leave you alone, something bigger could be happening.This demonstrates maturity and shows that they care about their actions.However, if your new lover doesn’t believe in saying “I’m sorry” expect some trouble down the line.Note that bad behavior toward strangers typically evolves into how they’ll eventually treat you.

According to Psychology Today, you want to keep a lookout if your partner creates a wedge between you and your friends.

According to Marriage Today, your SO could view apologizing as a sign of weakness. Just because they treat you with kindness doesn’t mean it’s okay for them to treat others poorly.

When a partner is mean to strangers (especially people who work in the service industry), their actions could hint at their future shortcomings.

And there’s nothing wrong with either person requesting it.

But if your significant other demands your attention 24/7, they could be overly dependant on you.

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