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TRUE or FALSE 5) Using alcohol or drugs is a cause of dating violence.

TRUE or FALSE 6) If the police are called when dating violence is committed, the victim has to press charges for an arrest to occur.

In fact, it is unreasonable to expect sex in return for initiating and paying for dates.

And not every long-term relationship has to lead to “going all the way”.

Even chronic substance abusers batter when they are sober, and not all batterers are users of alcohol or drugs.

Victims sometimes use drugs and alcohol to mask their pain and escape the violence, and then become addicted.

Fact: This myth is particularly persistent among teenagers.TRUE or FALSE 3) Dating violence happens mostly to females.TRUE or FALSE 4) Dating violence is only physical violence.See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. Follow the links to find out if these statements about teen dating violence are true or false.

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