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I like to give all of my downloaded files descriptive names. For example, I knew that I would use the patent document shown above on my web site, so I downloaded it to folder where I work on my web site files. Another way to get information about a jewelry patent is to visit the Google Patents Search site at

Simply enter the patent number and the patent documents for that patent will be displayed.

PEND.”) to indicate that the patent had been submitted and was pending approval.

Later on, I’ll discuss how to locate a vintage jewelry patent when you don’t have the patent number.

The two sites I like to use are Jewelry Online Jewelry Patents Database and Vintage Jewelry

These sites are designed to browse through lists of patents by company, which takes a bit longer.

Because they are images, you need to have the patent number to locate them.

According to the complaint, JDate alleges that all three companies are infringing the same patent, which states that Sparks Network (JDate’s parent company) has invented a method or apparatus for automating the process of confidentially determining whether people feel mutual attraction or have mutual interests.Before downloading the patent document, make sure to click the “Full Pages” button so that the entire document will be downloaded.Locate the PDF icon buttons at the bottom of the page, and click the Save icon to download the file. PDF extension is added automatically), so I know exactly which patent it is.Beginning in 1955, jewelry designs were allowed to be copyrighted, and jewelry companies could simply stamp their jewelry with the copyright symbol to protect the designs.Jewelry patents then ceased, because the patents were no longer needed.

Search for dating site patents:

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You can also download the PDF file with the patent documents.

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