Dating simulation games for ipod touch

Based on the very popular PC game, players create a realistic 3D avatar, including personality traits, and direct its interactions with other characters in a fictional town.

Sims can be vain, mean, messy, and neurotic, or friendly and modest, or a combination of good and bad traits.

A "More Games" link displays a flip thumbnail selection of other games made by Electronic Arts, with links to the i Tunes store.

You can check here some dating games You can play free online airplane games at websites such as Addicting Games, Free Online Games, and Kongregate.

Depending on the exact style game you're looking for such as simulation or shooting you can find more websites as well.

The tutorial, which covers the basics, is very helpful. There are no ads but virtual and real shopping is encouraged.

After that, a status bar reporting your Sim's needs will tell you whether to hit the shower next or get him a job. The Sims Store is open 24-7 to clothe and house your Sim in the best at .99 a pop.

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