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Meeting your girlfriend's parents is a big deal -- chances are it means you're officially crossing the threshold into long-term expectations. But, men, if you take the time to explain the game to your girlfriend, you might end up with a fellow fanatic.

It's often a nerve-racking experience, but if you come prepared, you can make a good first impression. In any romance, there are pivotal firsts -- first kiss, first fight, first vacation as a couple.

Romantic attraction and relationships are often confused with sexual attraction, but they’re actually completely different things.

Remember that relationships don’t have to have sex, and sex doesn't have to be in a relationship.

Should I be worried about my Boyfriends best friend My boyfriend has a best friend who is a girl, and before they were friends they had a thing for 2 months. they both go to Ex Girlfriend is still really hurt and I'm not sure what to think anymore Hello everyone.

I want to give as many details as I can so strap in. We initially were just cordial friends who would see Confused by my own thoughts after break up Hello, On Friday I broke up with my girlfriend of over a year and a half.

Knowing the importance of attraction, and understanding it so that you can embrace it is a great thing.Some look that way, but usually that's because two people are putting in a lot of work behind the scenes. Before we plunk down our hard-earned money, we consumers like to know that we'll be happy with our purchases.But do couples who choose to live together before marriage doom their unions from the start?I love you -- three little words packed with meaning. Does that mean it's time to introduce him to your parents? So, you're dating a new girl and wondering if and when to bring her around your buddies.But if your significant other isn't ready to hear it, those words can send a relationship into an awkward tailspin. So, you've been seeing each other for a few months now and you think he might be Mr. Should you do it at the next meet-up or wait for your official engagement (if any) to avoid a hassle? You've got the ring and planned your proposal, but if you're girlfriend and her family are the traditional types, don't forget the next step.

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