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Mixed hardwood flooring and siding/paneling contains a diverse mixture of species, which commoly include maple, elm, oak, ash, and beech.

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, when lumber mills and nails were expensive or unavailable, large wooden structures in America were knit together by the joinery of hand hewn timber frames. Its first home could have been a barn in New Hampshire that was built by early English settlers or one of the first land grant homesteads on the Kentucky frontier.

After being felled, de-limbed, and transported, the tree was then placed on two smaller notched logs to elevate it off the ground.

The craftsman located and measured what would eventually be the usable timber within the log and marked along its length with a chalk line or string.

They used the largest and straightest trees on their land to create the structural timbers that would ultimately provide shelter for their loved ones and livelihoods.

The process of transforming felled trees into squared structural timber is called hewing.

This process, known as joggling (or juggling) removed most of the large, rough surfaces and prepared the log for the final hewing process.

As settlers moved westward in the 18th and 19th centuries they cleared trees to make the land usable for agriculture, homes, and towns.

They are without a doubt one of the most prized wood products on the reclaimed lumber market today.

See our Timbers & Beams page for detailed information on our product offerings, or continue reading below about the traditional process involved in creating these masterpieces of our agrarian heritage.

Using an ax, the felled tree was marked, or scored, every 1-2 feet.

These scores went deep into the wood but the goal was to keep them either at or just shy of the marked guideline.

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Hand hewing your own lumber can be a cost saving pathway, versus buying or employing a sawmill, for many landowners, especially if they only need a few large timbers.

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