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His greatest strength is that Preyas can change his molecular structure allowing him to turn to Darkus or Subterra.Even though he has a menacing appearance, he is shy and comical. But when they were battling Spectra and Helios, she sacrificed herself to save Nemus.In Blast From the Past, she was killed by Mechtavius Destroyer, but was ressurrected when the Brawlers went back in time to stop Mechtavius Destroyer from destroying the universe. In Hostile Takeover, his real form replaced Marucho's synthetic Bakugan. She has a very human like nature with a strong sense of duty. Despite this, he returned in Blast From the Past, where he was killed by Mechtavius Destroyer, but was resurrected when the Brawlers went back in time to stop Mechtavius Destroyer from destroying the universe. Hart English A Bakugan that resembles a large golem.Gorem is one of the largest Bakugan and its body is composed of exceptionally dense cells making it very heavy.Small in comparison to the other monsters, Preyas makes up for it in speed. The second preyas has a split personality, one side is hotheaded and extremely rude, and the other is peaceful and overly polite. Trister is from Gundalia and is always looking for a fight. He represents a kappa and very much agitated with Roxtor. Tigrerra is a beast with a strong bond to Runo and willing to defend her with incredible ferocity. Blade Tigrerra Tigrerra's next evolution that resembles an anthropomorphic version of Tigrerra, which has long, yellow retractable blades at her hands, knees and shoulders. She was taken back to the royal palace to be turned into a bronze trophy for Prince Hydron. He first appeared in Jump to Victory, when he traveled to Earth in search of a new partner and ended up teaming up with Runo to help Dan, Drago, and Reptak in a battle with Wiseman.

His Battle Gear is Swayther, a giant jet pack with dual laser cannons on the wings.Detail / Odpovědět Vyzkoušejte zdarma naší seznamku! Od vážného vztahu, přes flirt až po společné zájmy, sport, cestování...Seznamujte se dle libosti, třeba právě u nás najdete své štěstí!Pokud chceš ozvi se :)Detail / Odpovědět Ahoj, jelikož už delší dobu žiji sám, tak zkouším štěstí i tímto způsobem :-) Hledám fajn holku do života, já jsem také celkem v pohodě :-D Asi více info o sobě rád napíšu později, teď mě nic nenapadá...Detail / Odpovědět Hledám přízněnou duši, která by ráda sdílela život (Praha 5).

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