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See to it that she has no problems commuting to the place.Here lies the game changer: you can offer her a ride on your two-wheeler or car or simply offer to pick her up from home, college or office.Unlike common belief, communications are not limited to what you speak.It also covers what you do, behaviour, body language, and unspoken hints.

Generally, women and men that opt for dating with people outside their circle, and use modern tools and apps to find lovers are also likely to be ready to shed their caste barriers.In ancient , the society was divided into lines of caste.There are four distinct castes, Brahmin (or educated and elite), Kshatriya (rulers & nobles) Vaishya (Traders & Business Owners) and Kshudras (Menial Workers & Laborers).A lot will depend on your age, location, money and other resources at disposal.Considering you are young, located somewhere in India and have resources, let us look at the 11 exciting communication tips to date Indian women.

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Unfortunately, caste system plays a key role in till date.

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