Dating in the salsa scene

Supposedly to help keep friends around to have many people to dance with. :-) I remember once how my girlfriend kissed me before we entered the party in Paris saying “the last kiss so you are not embarrassed and can dance with anybody”. Girls have harder situation and I wish we could dance without a need to flirt all the time.

Thanks to that I can discuss with my friends anything and it’s more honest. Because statistically, men don’t dance much with a girl when they know she has a boyfriend (edit: mostly on festivals than local parties as I heard that from friends on festivals).

If you aren’t ready to hit the town – learn some moves at home!

My hubby and I found this fantastic website that teaches hot salsa moves with video demonstrations!

They have everything from the very basic all the way to complicated twists and turns.

Maybe on this date you could spend time learning the moves and then After food and dancing, we put in a movie that was just perfect to end the night.

So switch it up and turn dating into something more meaningful.Both my husband and I have lived in Spanish-speaking countries and I have some Spanish blood myself, so naturally our first stop for our Passport to Love had to have a Spanish twist!Start by inviting your, soon to be, latin lover with this beautiful invite by Leah Aldous.Social Latin dancing could be summed up in one single word: connection.The dancers rarely speak a single word, yet they exchange energies with their bodies. This is why Latin social dancing subconsciously appeals to most of us. It’s human nature, and social Latin dancing caters to that desire. Isn’t the purpose of dating to discover if there’s a connection between two people that’s worth delving deeper into?

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I love Mexican food and since I don’t cook – we tried a new Mexican restaurant.

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