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You can’t put a price tag on something as beautiful as that! We were just kids, and yet it was the start of something truly magical as we have been happily married for 4 years now!It felt like something pulled from the pages of a romance novel.” “One of my most memorable “dates” (if you can call it one) was with my now-boyfriend, who is the wild adventurer type and always wants to try new outdoor activities.We are currently working on offering this beauty for something just a bit extra for poppin the question.

We were sooo bummed that our weeks of planning were just thrown out the window because of some error on his boss’s end.But at that point we didn’t really have a choice so we chalked it up to an ‘it is what it is’ situation and just went about our week: him going off to work on the Fourth and me at home throwing a pity party.When he asked me to come over later that day I was hesitant because I was pretty bummed, and since our relationship was fairly new, I didn’t want him to be able to see that emotion in person.When we were in Arizona, we found a dirt road in the mountains and decided to see where it lead.He took me on his motorcycle, and we went up the mountain, through a river and between trees until we found a beautiful clearing with no other souls around.

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