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possible things to look at:does your boyfriend love you the same way?

Ladies, before you get too excited let me tell you two things about those success stories: 1. I can only imagine the frustration and pain they constantly had to suffer as year after year flew by with nothing more to show for than some I love you’s and promises of impending engagement, as they watched their friends walk down the wedding aisle one by one. motivate your boy friend, i read somewhere a line "behind every great man is a great woman." be that woman, make him believe in himself, be his strength to change his life not only for himself but for the both of you.and when you guys make it through that ordeal, not only did the two of you prove that your love is strong but will have truly defined the meaning of "for richer or poorer".Oh, BTW, it's NOT your job to motivate your boyfriend to graduate or get a job. You're not his mother - you're his partner - or soon to be ex partner.Anything else is called co-dependency - which is totally unhealthy and what will kill any relationship. its just that sometimes some people do need that extra push to at least wake up by other people, be it friends, family or "partner".

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