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He does not believe in the superiority of Krishna consciousness.Back when he was as young as a child, his family was in ISKCON.If being a Hindu we beleive Sadashiv or Maha Vishnu created this universe, then how can you say Christians or Muslims who are inside his universe do not worship him.We call that creative force by names such as Sadashiv or Maha Vishnu.2) If yes, how can I help him to attain Krishna consciousness as preaching to those with no faith in Krishna is an offense to the Holy Name? How can you say that Christians do not worship OUR GOD? This universe is so big and full of mysteries that fighting on God is useless and shameful.

Despite being unable to attend mangal aratis and feasts or get to consume prasadam, I am still a vegetarian. As we are not allowed to cook in the hostel, an Indian lady supplies vegetarian food(with onion and garlic) daily. I am not very clear about how I feel towards him but I know it is hard to live without him because both of us love each other.He also drinks and smokes occasionally but I am sure he would stop someday.Materially, we are good together but spiritually, we are contradicting each other in almost every aspect.It is difficult to find someone who understands my nature and loves me like him. I have met his mother and materially, she is a very nice woman. I have heard many devotees marrying non-devotees and then, their non-devotee spouses becoming devotees. But at the same time, as a woman, I will have to get married one day as per my parents' wishes and I want to get married to the one person I love.At the same time, I do not want to fall down from the spiritual plane. If I decline my love towards him, I doubt if I could find another person whom I would love as much as I love him.

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