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There will be a ceremony with ribbon cutting the day before on Thursday, July 18.

It will accommodate 700 seats across five screens with laser projection and immersive sound.

The Hondecoeter Room takes its name from three massive canvases by the 17th-century Dutch painter Melchior d’Hondecoeter, while the Great Dining Room (now the library) has a collection of 6,000 volumes collected over 350 years.

Joining to the library is the Queen’s Room, decorated for a visit by Queen Adelaide, widow of William IV in 1841.

Staff recruitment for the site has now begun with the operational role of assistant manager currently available.

General cinema assistant vacancies will be announced here in due course.

The new venue also has space for two restaurants on site, but the council said nothing has been confirmed as to who they will be.

It will be a busy month completing the internal construction of the cinema and installing the latest technology.In 1,300 acres, the park around Belton House is a day out in its own right.Some 750 acres of this land is designated a deer park, and you can see the best of it on a signposted 3.1-mile walking trail.Another child of Grantham is Margaret Thatcher, who was born above a grocery and became the UK’s first female prime minister.If you have a taste for splendid country houses you’re in for a treat at Grantham as the town is surrounded by noble piles built from local Ancaster limestone, many welcoming visitors in summer.

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Closer to the house is a tapestry of formal gardens, with topiaries, fountains, urns and architectural details like the Lion Exedra screen, last reworked by Jeffry Wyatville at the start of the 19th century.

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