Dating for airline employees

Employees and their families can go almost anywhere they'd like on the company.In addition, there are discounts on other airlines, hotels, car rentals, and more.In addition, if an employee is interested in a career change within the company, they offer a job search tool online to help them find jobs within the company.Travel: With an airline company, of course there is the question concerning how much travel time and which perks will be available.

Let me explain because the Southwest model offers a valuable lesson for any company seeking to motivate and engage its employees.In recent discussions with Southwest executives, pilots, and employees, I've learned that what Southwest passengers don’t see is largely responsible for what they do see during their trip.Southwest Airlines has been operating for 43 years.Balance Between Work and Life: The company works with their employees to help them meet the needs of their work life obligations.Career Development: There are online and classroom opportunities for resources and classes that will improve job performance and offer personal enrichment.

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