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So I went about my business, we talked as friends, and I was playing it totally cool (I tend to do that, defense mechanism) and then about a week went by and he started talking about having sex, to which I told him considering our last conversation that’s probably not a good idea.He was fine for about a day or two, talking normally, and now we haven’t talked in 2 days. There is a guy that I started casually hanging out with/sleeping with after both he and I got out of a relationship. we talked all the time and I had no expectations of what was going to happen with “us” given the circumstances.One night (A Thursday) he kind of freaked out asking if I was really okay (given my recent breakup), and that he’s not really good at the casual thing, and he has formed feelings becuase he cannot have sex, hang out etc without getting feelings.

The following few days I was concerned about him, but we talked like normal.Huomaathan, että jos jätät valituksesi suoraan edellä mainituille organisaatioille lähettämättä sitä ensin meille, valitustasi ei tulla käsittelemään.With many of us spending an average of 47 hours a week at work, meeting new people can be hard.I did not see him that weekend at all, neither of us initiated hanging out.Then comes Monday, and I asked him how everything was, and he said not good.

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