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However, foreigners without a strong grasp of the language are not expected to follow formalities.

The Czechs are proud of their language and its perceived difficulties (the U. Foreign Institute ranks it the second most difficult language to learn) and tend to revel in their ability to master it.

This trait is reflected in the language, which uses formal and informal forms to address people.

Convention dictates that the woman, an elder or a work superior offers the informal form of address.

The country covers an area of 78,866 km (30,450 square miles), a size similar to that of Austria and Ireland, while it would fit inside France seven times.Since the fall of communism and the influx of multi-national corporations, the work culture in the main cities of the Czech Republic has gradually shifted in line with western style culture.Initial business meetings are formal affairs with standard business dress worn and business cards exchanged.Prior to the Velvet Revolution in 1989, Russian was compulsory in schools and is still spoken by the older generation, although given its association with the Soviet invasion of 1968, many prefer not to use it.German is fairly widely spoken and until the mid-1990s competed with English as the international language of business.

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