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This is the second in a series I’ll be going for Persephone (you can find the first here).It’s based on my experience as a seller and collector of vintage clothing.Vintage dating is sometimes more a crowdsourced art than a science. That may sound like a humblebrag, but while I savor vintage shopping, I cry when confronted with a pair of jeans, those evil, denim bastards.I don’t wear vintage shapewear because I don’t need it usually. Modern shapewear such as Spanx can help smooth out your shape for the 1950s, too.Here are a few of mine: Coats are a wonderful way to get into a 1950s look if you don’t like or feel you can’t wear the hourglass shape that’s so prevalent. It’s hard to explain, but to get an idea I’d encourage you to stop by a vintage store and browse by era. These hold up beautifully even today and I adore finding synthetic sweaters and coats from the ’50s. The label Once you’ve seen a few ’50s labels, you can tell the newer ones just by sight.I own a couple of coats in this shape (the top two). They really add a touch of chic to an otherwise blah outfit. Beware the garment with the label cut out or missing.To the seller’s credit, I googled my butt off and could not find a great source regarding Sportempos labels through the years.

Note the shape most prevalent – nipped in at the waist and ballooning at the bust. Many new synthetics were invented and marketed as wonder fabrics because they were wash and wear.I adore “granny” clothes, as my husband calls them. I’m going to primarily focus on the 1950s through the 1980s, as that’s the bulk of what’s out there, and it will be fairly easy to care for and find in a way that the older stuff is not always. Identifying a 1950s piece: There are no hard-and-fast rules about dating vintage clothing, but there are lots of clues you can use to help figure out the general era of the adorable pleated dress in your hand at the Goodwill.There’s something delightfully subversive about being a Feminist while wearing the trappings of the 1950s Patriarchy. Also, these posts will about women’s clothing, because that’s what I know about. These little tidbits can also help you tell whether the item on Etsy is the real thing or mutton dressed as lamb. The zipper More than likely, a 1950s dress will have a metal zipper.These became prevalent in the late 1930s and were used until the mid-’60s or so, when the nylon zipper came to be.Typically, the zipper will be center back of the dress, but not always.

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