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Good relationships are something we all strive for.They can provide love, support, happiness, friendship, advice and guidance.A relationship coach or life coach specialising in connections with others can help with a host of difficulties surrounding relationships.If you’re finding things hard with your family, partner, school friends or work colleagues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our qualified life coaches who can help you on a happier, healthier journey.Whilst it is important to tell your partner when you feel you are no longer living a healthy relationship or if something is bothering you, it is equally important to let them know when they have made you happy. They will listen to the issues in the relationship, help you to understand the cause and if they can be resolved.If the relationship has reached its end, a coach will support you in moving on but won’t advise you to separate. It’s interesting to think that most couples will seek marriage advice in some form: it may not necessarily be from a professional relationship coach, but from a friend or family member.If you’re having trouble in your marriage, it doesn’t mean your marriage is failing.

They might be facing divorce or separation, dealing with infidelity, feeling insecure or frustrated with the loss of connection.Common issues in relationships include: Whilst there are many reasons why a partnership may be going through a rough patch, with patience, determination and understanding, in general most relationships will be able to get back on track.But for some, complex issues are difficult to fix, sometimes signalling the end of the relationship, be it intimate or between friends.Just remember that ultimately, only you and your partner know exactly what your relationship is like.It’s your strong connection that brought you together in the first place, and this will help you resolve any issues.

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Sit down and talk with the person involved, work out where the issues lie and when they start to fall apart.

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