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Let her know that while you disapprove of the guy, you are her mother and will always be there for her. No giving her a car (there are a lot of people who get to and from college without them), no paying the insurance (you won’t need to since you’ll have the vehicle), no giving her money when she’s short on rent, no paying the cell phone bill and so on.It’s time for you to lay down some ground rules that include how you will be treated because the current conditions are unacceptable.Now, my parents talk down about her dad and me and tell her she doesn’t have to even listen to us because she is grown.

We tried to make them break up but she said she’d kill herself or runaway if we called the law on him. I felt like something was wrong with him so ran background check, found out he is 28, has no job, no phone, no car, no money and lives with grandmother.

Then and only then, will she decide to do something about it.

I know it will be painful to stand by and watch but you really have no other choice. It means you will provide moral support but that’s it.

Nearly twice her age, a couple of prison stints, I can see where he’s not top of mind when you think of someone who will love and cherish your little girl. You did not “run off” this emotional extortionist by telling her the truth about her deadbeat boyfriend.

But she’s an adult now and this is her decision, even if it’s not the one you would choose for her or yourself. She left of her own accord because she didn’t want to obey the rules that you, the homeowner (who happens to be her mother), put in place.

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