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Alibaba, the Chinese online shopping giant, has also gotten into the act, though in a more sophisticated way.At one of its new Hema grocery stores in Shanghai, rolling robots take cooked food out onto a sort of runway that connects the kitchen to seating.The ban brought the company to a virtual standstill.Chinese people shouldn’t lose touch with reality, warned Liu Yadong, chief editor of the state-run Science and Technology Daily.

Heestimated that he had seen 10 dancing robot shows in a single week.

By 2020, China is expected to account for more than 30 percent of worldwide spending on robotics, according to technology research firm IDC. Three times during an hour lunch, a waiter had to lean a robot on its side and take a blowtorch to the undercarriage to burn out food and trash caught in its axles. But that’s the driver of progress in a lot of cases.”The E-Patrol Robotic Sheriff could fill that bill.

When asked whether he was worried that the robots would take his job, the waiter laughed.“Chinese are much more willing to try something new just because it looks cool,” said Andy Tian, chief executive of Beijing-based Asia Innovations Group, which runs mobile apps. It is among several security robots that have shown up at train stations and airports around China in recent months.

Donning black headbands that looked like implements of electroshock therapy, the seven men and two women onstage were told to envision themselves pressing a button. They warn that the excess exuberance is one sign of a venture capital bubble, which may be about to burst.

The headbands would transmit their brain activity to the robotic hand sharing the stage, which would then push a button to officially start the conference. A camera put the robotic hand onto a huge screen above the stage. Rather than show China’s newfound tech might, they argue, spectacles like dancing robots and ineffective mind readers cover up the country’s lack of progress in other areas.

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