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I posted lots of pics of dirty floors, court documents no one cares about and my ugly stanky face too! But dont forget to stop by Club Goodtimes while i lay in the hospital getting buttpumped by a turkey baster. now hiring weekly work..auditions are wed night 9 till 12 or sat aft 2 till 5.need an outfit, cd and proper photo id..ladies, you must be at least 18 yrs old to dance here.100 degrees out and this club can't afford the electric bill, so they refuse to run the air conditioner. Website says that this club is 45 min from Baltimore. Form opinions for yourself, NEVER judge someone based on someone elses opinion. Again i'm not hear to rag on you just giving you my opinion, I would not let you dance for me If I see you at CGT. The girls do a great job and deserve to get well paid for it...Hey people the new club good times listing on facebook is up..check it out.can also see the girls with their tits out on the website....i thought of another radio commercial for 105.7 the x.way i can rotate between the deadly good times disease and this one..i hope you like it: club good times is lancaster counties hottest sexually oriented business..where the hoochie mammas are always taking the clothes off on stage..located just off rt 30 in columbia..remember it's byob and 21 to get in.are you waiting for?? Because that is totally why I go to the strip club... BUt ever since we started arguing on here, people have been asking me about you. dancing together on stage, touching each other and licking each other.maybe some baby oil...... I used to work at Goodtimes before I got fired for licking Ashleys pussy while she was taking a nap. Pack up your nasty old beef curtain vagina and those ridiculous uneven, scar tissue titties and head down to the free clinic, (you know where it is)This club would be great if the nasty bitch behind the bar wasnt such a pushy, mean, haggard slut. Is it true she can't work here beacause she made a nice comment on the list. I don't understand why they continue to play that when it seems difficult to dance to, and the guys look bored when it's played. but i still miss all the good strong women i met along the way. I have not worked at CGT for almost a year now, and have NOT danced since I left. From a customer point of view this is a great place where girls make great money. It's everywhere, everyone may not do it but it's everywhere.stop playing with your clutch.in your hooptie and lay some rubber getting in here..where the hooters are fake and man do they shake.. Awesome at the schedule being up, I might head out this weekend :-) Nothing says happy father's day like a nice LD :-D Still though, it was hard finding it under all the retarded... to read a list of songs, and a lame bachelor party script that is about 5000 miles away from funny. Though I will it does say something, he's got Borat designing his website, for super sexy time! and i could give a shit about ashley or rich's opinion, well because look at them and look at me!!!! i lost your number or i would ask you in person but i will pay you 00 to do a lez girl/girl show with Ashley. We are there to see and enjoy lovely young ladies dance. Or cause she is hot and someone who has authority to say that she isn't allowed for BS reasons and spread nasty rumers about her. Miss you girl This place should be called club lame times. It would be soo much easier than going all the way to Al's or Cashmere's considering i live right on Locust...... I was at 2 clubs last weekend, and didn't stay long at either because the music wasn't very good. They danced, then just sat at the bar w/each other; what gives? Shoot I couldn't even give them money when they walked off the stage! i saw some comments from Harley, i hope everthing is still going good for ya? Best thing to do is email the club if your serious. I had been there several times when it was Hartman's, but what an improvment in girls.Meet and interact LIVE with thousands of free cam girls from around the world. Make friends, watch amateur videos and participate in LIVE webcam sex chats.

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