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Using the Consolidate tool, you can combine and summarize data from multiple files or sheets.This wiki How teaches you how to consolidate data from different files or worksheets in Excel.Click the icon, navigate to the first worksheet, and select the data, headings, and labels.Use the Close icon on the right side of the Consolidate: Reference dialog to return to the Consolidate dialog. The address of the first data set is left in the Reference box. Because our worksheets are not identical, we want Excel to sum cells that have the same labels. On the Data tab, in the Data Tools group, click Consolidate. For example, cell B2 (in distric1.xlsx) cell B2 (in district2.xlsx) cell B2 (in district3.xlsx). Use the Reference Edit button, then select the third data set. But at this point, it’s your choice if you press the Add button or not.While clicking the Add button seems like the correct step, the Consolidate will work if the last data set is left in the Reference box. Check the Top Row and Left Column boxes in the lower-left corner of the Consolidate dialog.

You can see that, even though we left the final data set out of the All References box in step 8, Excel now displays that reference in the All References box. As you can see, cells F3: H3 and B4: E4 are blank instead of zero.For instance, you have three sheets data as below screenshots shown, now you want to consolidate the average, max or min value of each product in each month, how can you do?Some of you may think that calculate them by yourself is quick, but pay attention, here I just take three sheets as instance, and how about calculate manually if there are hundreds of sheets?Some items might be missing from any worksheet, meaning that each account could appear on a different row.In this example, the worksheets have differing numbers of months: four months in Report1, five months in Report2, and three months in Report3. Select the top-left-corner cell where you want the consolidated data to appear.

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