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Consolidating public finances would require addressing the core of the problem, which partly lies in the fiscal relations between levels of government.

There is also room to increase the efficiency of public spending in some areas such as health and education.

Repayment of a Direct Consolidation Loan will begin within 60 days after the loan is disbursed (paid out). If consolidation would cause you to lose the benefits associated with some of your current loans and you are working toward earning those benefits, you should not include those loans in your new Direct Consolidation Loan. Whom do I contact if I have questions about consolidation?Two points are apparent from the outset: the response to the crisis has had repercussions for virtually every aspect of budgetary governance; and there are clear lessons for governments about the conduct of fiscal policy – including in its institutional aspects – that should inform future decisions and the agenda of budgetary reform.Author/Editor: Juin-Jen Chang ; Hsieh-Yu Lin ; Nora Traum ; Shu-Chun Susan Yang Publication Date: June 10, 2019 Electronic Access: Download PDF.

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