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On the outbreak of the Second World War he joined the Royal Army Medical Corps, working at the Entomological Laboratory at Mytchett in Surrey, where he studied the malarial mosquitoes that endangered the troops, and giving new doctors a crash course in medical and forensic entomology.

Although he had no experience of publishing, in 1949 Classey became a co-founder of The Entomologist's Gazette, aimed at revitalising amateur entomology in Britain.

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He was the first editor of the magazine, which proved popular for its lively and accessible style. In 1949 Classey discovered, in Co Galway in the Irish Republic, a moth called the Burren Green, a coup about which he wrote in The Entomologist's Gazette.

The following year he began a new business from his home, trading in antiquarian, new and second-hand natural history books and publications.

His eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren knew him as "Butterfly Grandad".

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Eric William Classey was born on November 2 1916 at Queen's Park, London, the son of a watchmaker who worked for the the Queen's jeweller, Garrards.

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