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He is raised by humans on land and thus doesn't realize his real heritage.But when he reaches puberty in his 13th year, instead of hair, he starts growing fins and scales on his arms and legs.

As he wakes up in the morning, he turns off his alarm clock and zaps it.Sean sees the scales and surmises Cody cheated, following him into the locker room.Cody avoids him by sticking to the ceiling, but Sean is determined to find out how Cody cheated.The next morning Cody takes a swim, and meets his mermaid mother; however, Jess's father, who is the obsessed fisherman, spots them and ends the reunion. Cody's mother appears, with Sam complimenting her beauty; however, Cody suddenly gasps in pain and stumbles back to the shore.Writhing on the ground, he tells Sam to get his parents. Thinking Sam came back, Cody is surprised when someone throws a blanket over him.

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