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Mr Gauke said this morning that he would be demanding to know how Mr Johnson proposed to get concessions from the EU, and whether there was even time left to ratify a deal if he gets one.The meeting will kick off a frenzied week in Parliament that could decide the fate of the UK.

He says he has only seen photographs of Archie (left) on the internet.

A senior minister even suggested that the Speaker himself harboured ambitions to be the so-called 'unity Prime Minister' who would replace Mr Johnson and lead an anti-No Deal interim government.

And in an article for The Mail on Sunday, Natascha Engel - one of Mr Bercow's former Deputy Speakers - accuses him of being 'in open opposition to the people who voted to leave' and risking the very hard Brexit Remainers want to avoid.

He obviously has no problem getting on private jets.' Miss Lapper said 19-year-old Parys (both bottom left) suffered depression and anxiety and turned to drugs as he was tormented by classmates who called her a 'crip'.

The 54-year-old, who was born without arms and with shortened legs, became one of the most famous pregnant women in Britain when artist Marc Quinn made a sculpture of her that stood in Trafalgar Square, London (bottom right).

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