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) is the latest craze to come from the US to Blighty, where singletons are shunning bars for parks hoping that their pets will be conversation starters - and show they're caring types too.

But if a guy heads out to meet girls with a mutt in tow, will he really be more attractive to the opposite sex?

Wouldn't girls in my local park think I was odd if I rocked up with one and started chatting? Depending on how my date goes, Ruby and I could soon be on the pull in a park near you!

But I've been single for five months, so I ran the idea past my female friends. In fact one even told me she'd been sunbathing outside the week before, when she'd got talking to a guy with a puppy (apparently it was 'sooo cute'). " Whether you're a Twaddict who is always on Twitter, or a novice who doesn't know their @ from their elbow, we have news: the social-networking site is the place to meet men.

Everyone on the site's been through difficult times, so we understand each other and have common ground.

So far, I've been on a few dates and I had one relationship which lasted a couple of months.

I'm not ready for that yet, so we ended it on good terms. I haven't met the right guy yet, but who knows what the future holds?

" Canine dating (for their owners, not the pooches!

After the dinners, they choose their favourite to go on a proper date with.

So why not hire a new kind of love coach - who makes over your profile for you. On the i Phone, you can download a nifty little app called Street Spark, which tells you about men in your area who match your interests. By entering details about the appearance of your A-list crush, they'll match you up with the lonely heart that most resembles him.

Evan Marc Katz runs and will advise you on everything from your pic (never use one of you with hot friends - he might fancy them more! Look at their profiles and either 'spark' or 'extinguish' them.

Martin*, 37, had two young daughters and had been divorced for two years.

We had a great time, taking our kids for dates in the park, but he wanted to get serious.

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Online dating wasn't around the last time I was single, so it was a revelation.

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