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Petersburg), and Moscow, within the former Soviet Union, and abroad to Europe, Afghanistan, and Iran, where she sang for the late shah.She immigrated to the United States from Tajikistan in 1980 to join relatives who were already settled in New York.In New York, Kuinova performs for a variety of social occasions and concert events, and she is in demand among Moslem emigrés as well as in her own community., Abdu Samadov is full of inside information about Uzbekistan. Its ideal location made it especially attractive to many of the world’s greatest empires, and it became a notoriously coveted chess piece for the likes of Tamerlane, Genghis Khan, and, perhaps most famously, Britain and Russia as part of their “Great Game” for control over Central Asia.Bukhara, while not as widely known as Samarkand, is just as old, and its ancient architecture and design have remained remarkably well-preserved throughout the ages, arguably to a larger extent than its more famous oasis cousin to the east.

Cleanliness has always been an important tradition to the people of Bukhara — they take great pride in showing off their homes and neighborhoods to visitors passing through.

For 27 years, Kuinova belonged to an ensemble of women (vertical violin) players.

She toured widely with her ensemble to Kiev, Leningrad (St.

In some ways similar to the Indian raga, (among Persians) is based on a system of modal scales with associated melodic themes, rhythmic modes, and extensive improvisation.

Although the similarities of principles and musical practice suggest the connectedness of a great tradition shared by Ottomans, Arabs, Persians, and others, the particulars of regional and local practice vary significantly, and there are many distinctive localized styles.

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